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Paralegal One Bulletin Board One, COMPLETE

Paralegal I Bulletin Board 1 COMPLETE ANSWER SET INCLUDED.  

Answer set contains complete lesson:  Exercises 1, 2, 3, & 4 in the Paralegal Certificate Course© Workbook.  Please see below to cross reference exercises.  

EXERCISE ONE (1-3)   1.  Three checks against the executive branch of government

EXERCISE TWO  (1-3)  1.  The difference between jurisdiction and venue

EXERCISE THREE (1-5)  1.  Migratory birds

EXERCISE FOUR (1-10)  1.  Answer to interrogatories

Paralegal I Bulletin Board 2 COMPLETE ANSWER SET INCLUDED.

1.  EXERCISE 5 in the Paralegal Workbook: rules and titles, etc,  EXERCISE 8 in the Paralegal Workbook: handling of client funds, etc

2.  Definition of a Tort and a Contract

Paralegal One Bulletin Board Two, COMPLETE