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Please  choose the tabs at the top of the page to find the type of assignment, test, Westlaw © Research Skills complete answers, bulletin board, etc you are looking for.  We offer the Sam Kant appeal complete answers, Fozze Bear stands convicted for the heinous crime of murder and Miss Piggy complete answers, Joanna Spring who always insisted she did not want to be kept...complete answers, Shirley Baker who was a young woman and suffering breast cancer and has been on chemothe...complete answers,  Joe Valle & Fred Hamper partners for many years and the same sex unions became legal in the state of Cali...complete answers, the great appreciation for the value of always consulting secondary resources for the assistance in research to fully understand the legal issues and refining legal issues for paralegals locating primary and secondary resources,  Mr. Frank Incense who was arrested for theft when he took $500 worth of tools...complete answers, paralegal cartwheeling, the Dreamy McSteamy who is a very popular motorcycle driver known for his zebra-striped motorcycle...complete answers, locate and correctly cite relevant secondary authority...complete answers, paralegal bulletin board one...complete answers, locate and correctly cite primary authority, don't forget Clair DeLoon and her five roommates continually moving in and ou...complete answers, Flora Findley who loves plants and developed an interest in hydropo...complete answers, paralegal one complete answers, paralegal two complete answers.  PARA I BB1, PARA II BB 3, PARA II BB 2...complete answers, the presidential candidates Ross Perot and basketball great Michael Jordan have achieved the fame of becoming public figures...Dr Jack Kevorkian controversy over euthanasia and physician-assisted suic...complete answers, George approached the instersection of Woodruff and Full...complete answers,  .Discuss the differences in primary and secondary authority...complete answers, the characteristics of mandatory authority and persuasive authority...complete answers, stare decisis is relevant to legal resea...complete answer, meant when we say opinion is on point client...complete answer, list and define three interrelated levels of searching problems discussed in Statsky...complete answer, differences in official reporter and unofficial reporter...complete answers, research structure of your state legal system and court system and federal court system in order highest to lowest...complete answer, complete exercise #23 in workboo...complete answer, cartwheel is technique to assist the paralegal acquir...complete answer, cartwheel each of the following providing at least ten terms you would use beginning resear...complete answer,  client, Ms. Ivana Goe, has been...complete answer, client, Ima Klutz, who slipped and fell...complete answer, Sam Kant Bilmart beans...complete answer, client, Hector Martinez, thoroughbreds race horses and Buzz Bumstead stablehand admiring Pokey...complete answer, Leonard Smeek fil...complete answer, case of Esther Blanke...complete answer, Mr. Barry Bannock lost against Cindy Weeks...complete answer, the case heard of Warbler against Mcleod 2007 opinion can be found...complete answer, keycite the following case Parker v State of Oklahoma...complete answer, prepare the notice of appeal cover page for Sam Kant's appellate brief...complete answer, difference in external memo and internal memo of la...complete answer, differences in law office billing procedures, the difference in contigency basis, flat fee basis, hourly basi...complete answer, Mr. Sam Kant stands convicted of larceny as dictated by your state law...complete answer 



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Identify the following authorities as primary, secondary, or non-authority.  The sample below contains a brief narrative as an example of the exercise.  Contains 15 answers with your purchase.  

1.  New York Times article regarding abortion

2.  Bankruptcy Reporter opinion

3.  Shepard's notation




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